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Alpine Skis

Atomic VANTAGE X 80 CTI + FT 12 G
The Vantage X 80 CTi is an excellent ski for the strong intermediate to expert skier who wants a smooth carver packed with stability. The Exo Profile has a 3D shape, with slanted sidewalls that lower the swingweight and allow for effortless maneuvering. Atomic's Carbon Tank Mesh is made with woven fibers of carbon that add stability and edge grip without adding any extra weight to the ski. Carbon Tank Mesh actually reduces the total weight. The Power Woodcore has a Titanium Powered Laminate that dampens the ski for a strong and powerful carves. All-Mountain Rocker engages you into a turn lighting quick with plenty of rebound. If you want a ski that is quick edge to edge, stable at speed and light on your feet, the Vantage X 80 Cti from Atomic is the ski for you. -Exo Profile -Carbon Tank Mesh -Power Woodcore -Titanium Powered -All-Mountain Rocker
Salomon QST 99 Dark Blue / Black
Excel in all playgrounds SINGLE TI LAMINATE A single layer of Titanium reinforcement for great edge grip, efficient energy transfert and liveliness SEMI TWIN TAIL Slight rise to the tail of the ski, increases foregiveness and control in all conditions. TOTAL EDGE REINFORCEMENT Fiber reinforcement directly on top of edges improves durability, edge grip, and shock resistance. FULL SANDWICH SIDEWALLS 360° Full sandwich, ABS sidewall construction, extending around the entire sidewall. TI POWER PLATFORM Titanal insert edge-to-edge. ALL-TERRAIN ROCKER 2.0 With a slight tip and tail rise, All Terrain Rocker 2.0 adds an extra dimension of versatility and control for all mountain skiing. Camber in the middle of the ski and full length contact guarentees strong edge grip, stability and power for hard snow and piste skiing. In addition to the excellent terrain absorption and intuitive turn initiation, the slight twin rocker also allows the ski to pivot much easier when ski is flat, increasing control and maneuverability in all conditions. INVERTED 3D WOODCORE Internally milled Woodcore.
Salomon X-DRIVE 8.0 Ti + MXT12
All-mountain Ti supercharged for more stability, control and response. Reinforced Carbon Composite X-shaped frame improves power and edge grip for maximum precision. All Terrain Rocker provides the optimum balance of floatation, terrain absorption, and stability for all snow conditions and types of terrain. Dampening material integrated into the rocker shape reduces vibrations at the tip for improved stability. Key Features of Salomon X-Drive 8.0 Ti w/ X-Track XT12 Bindings: Lengths: 156/163/170/177 Sidecut: 126/80/109 @ 170cm Radius: 12.3/12.9/13.6/14.4 Weight per ski: 3202 g @ 170cm w/ binding Woodcore Tip Protector Double Ti Laminate Semi Sandwich Tail Protector All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 RKS (Rocker Stabilizer) X-Chassis X-Track XT12 Bindings Glossy
Salomon Enduro LX 800 bk/org K Z10 B80
The Salomon Enduro LX 800 is a perfect ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who will spend most of their time on the groomers, but not be afraid to go into the powder, or trees when the snow is falling. The 78mm waist is primarily for groomers, but will give you some float when you adventure off the trail. The LX 800 sports a full wood core with a double layer of titanium, that has lots of stability, but a lively feel. The All Terrain Rocker has tip rocker in the shovel with camber underfoot. Tip rocker will help the ski plane on top of the powder, initiate a quick turn on the groomers, and absorb the negative vibrations caused by bumps and crud. The Single Monocoque Cap Construction is lightweight, but gives you great edge grip when the snow is firm or icy, with out being too demanding. Salomon uses a Pulse Pad Dampening System on all of the Enduro line for vibration dampening. The Pulse Pad System uses elastomers on the entire edge of the ski, and in the shovel to absorb vibrations and smoother ski to snow contact. A great value, and Salomon has really stepped up the performance of the Enduro series, compared to the previous X-Wing line. All Terrain Rocker Early Rise Tail Pulse Pad Dampening System Single Titanium Laminate
Atomic Backland 85 blue/red
The Atomic Backland 85 is an excellent ski for earning your own turns and finding that perfect powder stash. Atomic's HRZN Tech Tip adds about 10% more surface area to the ski by having horizontal rocker in the tip of the ski that improves floatation and reduces tip deflection for easier riding in the deep. The Ultra-Light Woodcore feels like you don't have anything on your feet at all, until it comes time to rip your way down. A Carbon Backbone runs the entire length of the ski to add stability and power, without adding any extra weight. All-Mountain Rocker has a generous amount of tip rocker that helps you stay on top of the fresh snow, especially on those days when it's waist deep. -Hybrid Climbing Skin Included -HRZN Tech Tip -Ultra-Light Woodcore -Carbon Backbone -All-Mountain Rocker -1240g/Per Ski (@172cm)
Salomon CIRA + E Lithium 10 W Light Grey / Turquoise
The women's CIRA + Lithium 10 set offers comfort and control for every part of the resort. Its blend of easy turning, damp ride and edge grip are fun, playful and confidence inspiring. Salomon Cira With E Lithium 10 System Skis Women's Specs: Construction: Wood core and Semi Sandwich Control frame medium Cork Comfortech Toe Women's progressive transfer pad Rocker: Carve Rocker
Salomon XDR 78 ST + Mercury 11 Black / Green
The Salomon XDR 78 ST is a great ski for the athletic beginner up to solid intermediate skier looking for a lightweight and easy to control ski. The Semi-Sandwich Construction has a cap construction in the tip and the tail of the ski to keep it forgiving and easy to turn for a skier still finding their feet underneath them and a vertical sidewall under the binding platform to deliver edge grip when you need it. A Woodcore adds even more forgiveness, a layer of Basalt provides strength with even more weight reduction, and a single Titanium Laminate adds stability for the times when you want to find your speed limit. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 will help you roll in and out of turns with little effort. The XDR 78 ST also has a Pulse Pad which is elastomers that sit behind the edges of the ski to dampen vibrations when conditions get a little bumpy. If you are a progressing beginner, or looking to get out of annoying rental shop lines the Salomon XDR 78 ST will be a perfect ski for you. Woodcore Semi Sandwich Construction Basalt Layer Single Ti Laminate Pulse Pad All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 3071g/Per Ski (@170cm)
Atomic CLOUD 7 + LITHIUM 10
A great introductory setup when moving beyond rentals, the Atomic Cloud 7 Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings are built for fast learning and big fun. A rockered nose with camber underfoot makes for easy and precise handling, while the special flex zone underfoot makes the Could 7 easy to initiate into turns without catching an edge. If you want a fun, confidence-inspiring carver, the Atomic Cloud 7 Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings are for you. Tech Features Bend-X Technology Full Cap Densolite Core Structured Topsheet Piste Rocker 10/90/0
Atomic VANTAGE X 75 C + LITHIUM 10
The Atomic Vantage X 75 C is a great ski for the true beginner to mellow intermediate who wants a lightweight ski that will help you become a better skier in no time. Atomic's Carbon Tank Mesh uses woven fibers of Carbon that add extra strength to the ski while keeping the weight low. The Light Woodcore and Densolite Core combined together a wood and composite material that has a soft and forgiving flex that will help you stay in control without having you fight the ski. An Exo Profile uses a 3D shape with slanted sidewalls that help shed even more weight, and improve maneuverability. Atomic's All-Mountain Rocker has a rockered tip with camber on the rest of the ski that grips the snow and feels easy to turn. If you are looking for a forgiving ride for the mellow skier, the Atomic Vantage X 75 C is a great choice. -Exo Profile -Carbon Tank Mesh -Light Woodcore -Densolite Core -Structured Top Sheet -All-Mountain Rocker
Salomon N Q-85 DARK BLUE/Green
On-piste confidence and access to new experiences off-piste. TECHNICAL INFO : HONEYCOMB TIP: - THE LIGHTEST EXTREMITIES for better flotation. - LESS INERTIA for easier steering and more control HOOK FREE TAPER (5 point sidecut) - Easier turn initiation in deep and variable snow - Less tip deflection at high speeds UTILITY ROCKER -Optimal floatation in powder -Excellent terrain absorption
Salomon QST MYRIAD 85 Pink / Purple
The completely new QST freeride range from Salomon is proving to be one of the great new products of the season. Designed to be able to charge just as aggressively off-piste as on-piste, these freeride skis offer even greater performance and are also versatile.The QST Myriad 85 is the "smallest" ski in theQST range. It allows skiers who usually only ski on piste to adventure off it, confidently skiing by the side of the piste for new all-mountain experiences.Equipped with a range of technology, the QST Myriad 85 demonstrates performance on any type of snow thanks in particular to the Spaceframe technology which is made up of a wood core with woven flax and carbon and a Power Transfer platform. This technology provides exceptional ski/snow contact both on and off piste, offering superb responsiveness underfoot and improved grip on hard snow.The semi-sandwich construction combines ABS sidewalls in the middle of the ski and a monocoque construction in the tip and tail. This generates strong grip underfoot and improved handling. Finally, the Hook Free tapered tip and tail make it easier to carve and maneuver in soft and variable snow
Salomon X-Drive 7.5 + E Lithium 10
The X-Drive 7.5 from Salomon is a perfect learning ski for true beginners or mellow intermediates that want a ski that will help them grow their skills rapidly and feel light on your feet. Salomon's X-Chassis uses a Carbon and Polyamide X-shaped structure in the center of the ski that keeps the ski stable at faster speeds and variable conditions. The All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 profile has rocker in the tip of the ski that will help you push out a snowplow with less effort, or initiate turns easier when you can parallel turn. Rocker in the tail helps you skid turns to help you get more comfortable on the edges of your skis. A Composite Core with a Single Titanium Laminate is light and forgiving enough for the never ever skier, but will be sturdy and stable once you improve and start to pick up some speed. To round out the perfect beginner ski the X-Drive 7.5 has a Semi-Sandwich Construction that has a Monocoque Cap Construction in the tip and tail for easy maneuvering, and a vertical sidewall underfoot that grips the snow when things can get icy. Semi-Sandwich Construction X-Chassis All Terrain 2.0 Rocker RKS (Rocker Stabilizer) Semi-Sandwich Construction
Salomon LUAN + Lithium 10 W White
The Salomon Luan is a perfect ski for the true beginner, mellow intermediate or the young lady who is ready for her first pair of adult skis. A Composite Core and Monocoque Cap Construction makes the Luan very forgiving and easy to ski, especially for the lightweight skier or someone still working on technique. Salomon's Control Frame Technology is a 3D Structure that enhances energy transfer and edge hold at both fast and slow speeds. Carve Rocker will help you initiate turns easily, or help you push out a snowplow if you cannot make parallel turns just yet. The Luan has the Cork Comfortech Toe that is a cork pad underneath the toe piece of the binding that absorbs negative vibrations and deliver a smooth ride as you pick your way down the greens and mellow blues. Composite Core Monocoque Cap Construction Control Frame Cork Comfortech Toe Carve Rocker 2271g/Per Ski (@151cm)
Salomon N TNT BLACK/Yellow Green
$400.00 $475.00 16% Off
The TNT is the little brother of the flagship NFX Freestyle ski in the Salomon range. The TNT is an accessible and fun, freestyle-focused ski that lets you progress as you have fun. The TNT benefits from a 100% woodcore for better rebound and greater stability. A layer of Titanium strengthens this ski and provides edge grip and dynamism. Twin-tips to be able to land in any direction, its XL edges are reinforced for longer life and better shock-resistance. An easy, fun ski but also precise and responsive when you need it
Salomon XDR 75 + Lithium 10 Blue / Black
The Salomon XDR 75 makes an excellent ski for true beginner skiers and very timid intermediate skiers who are looking for a ski that will help them improve. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 uses a rockered tip that will make pushing out a snowplow easier for you and help you initiate turns easier once you start making parallel turns. The X-Chassis Construction has reinforcements across the center of the ski that improves your stability at faster speeds or tricky conditions. The XDR 75 has a Composite Core with a single layer of Titanium Laminate that adds stability, but keeps the ski forgiving enough for you to progress your skills rapidly. The Semi-Sandwich Construction has a Monocoque Cap Construction in the tip and tail that helps you maneuver and a vertical sidewall that helps grip the snow. If you want a great beginner ski that will shorten the learning curve, the Salomon XDR 75 is a perfect choice. Semi-Sandwich Construction X-Chassis All Terrain 2.0 Rocker
$350.00 $475.00 26% Off
Don't worry about figuring out what binding to pair up a with a ski, because Atomic has already done that for you. Cloud Seven skis come with the Lithium 10 bindings at this price. These skis let you cleave your first carved turns onto the bunny hill or slide your pizza stop to a reassuring halt. They're no slouches when you get going faster on intermediate slopes either. A tight turn radius that derives from an aggressively shaped sidecut of the ski means you can make lots of fun, speed-controlling turns down each run. If you are in need of your first pair of skis or looking for something to cruise casually with, you may have found the ski/binding combo for you.
Salomon E QST LUX Jr M + L7 B80
For adventurous kids who want to explore more terrain around the resort, the QST LUX JR M + L7 has a soft flex, lightweight, and profile designed for comfort and confidence on packed or soft snow.
Salomon E QST MAX Jr M + E L7 B80
For adventurous kids who want to explore more terrain around the resort, the QST MAX JR M + L7 has a soft flex, lightweight, and profile designed for comfort and confidence on packed or soft snow.
Salomon E Q-Lux Jr S + EZY5 J75 Black Red Green
$275.00 $340.00 19% Off
Keep the girls skiing! The Salomon Q-Lux Jr Skis + EZY5 Bindings is the all-mountain tool that will get girls out there. Whether for a beginner or a solid intermediate, the Q-Lux will keep the girls progressing. Built around a lightweight composite core, the Q-Lux features all-mountain rocker for easier turn initiation without compromising edgehold. Plus, this package comes with the Salomon EZY5 Binding for guaranteed integration.
Salomon E Q-Max Jr S + EZY5 J75 Black Green
$275.00 $340.00 19% Off
This ski is for the groms out there. Whether searching for your the first ski for a future Freeride World Tour winner or a ski to keep the little guys progressing from pizza to french fries, the Salomon Q-Max Jr Skis + EZY5 Bindings is the go-to. With a composite core and monocoque construction, the Q-Max Jr is lightweight, responsive, and forgiving. With traditional sidecut and a flat tail, this ski will let the little dudes learn edge control before taking their skills on to bigger and gnarlier challenges. Tip rocker makes turn initiation easier while making the ski more forgiving. The Q Max comes paired with the Salomon EZY5 Binding, which accommodates a range of boot sizes and guarantees integration.
Salomon N NFX Jr Dark Blue
$255.00 $300.00 15% Off
The NFX Jr from the Salomon range remains unchanged for the 2017 version, a ski which shares the graphics of the NFX, designed specifically for juniors, it is above all versatile and progressive in all circumstances. The NFX Jris an all-mountain ski with specific waist widths that vary depending on the length of the ski. The NFX Jr is a twin-tip ski and, without being a pure freestyle ski, allows young people to have fun and start riding switch, doing spins etc.
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