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Close-up of a woman wearing a Specialized jersey


The mercury levels are starting to rise, which means getting out and breaking a sweat is soon to become an enjoyable experience rather than a "have to." And to ensure that you get out, enjoy some fresh air, and start on those tan lines, treat yourself to some new clothes-because there aren't many things more motivating than New Kit Day.

A close-up of a man's cycling shorts


Nothing will make or break a ride like a pair of cycling shorts or bib shorts. From the fabrics to the fit, every tiny detail holds the potential to rub you the wrong way, which is why we don't overlook anything.

A man and woman riding bikes next to eachother


The first step on the road to comfort starts where fabric touches the skin. And when it comes to creating a smooth and soft interface, nothing compares to a good cycling base layer. 

A close-up of a sock on someone's leg while pedaling


If you're overlooking your sock game, you're doing it wrong. No need to fear, though, because we're passionate about cycling socks. Our socks not only look good, but also help to reduce friction and discomfort.