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The experienced and friendly staff at Geoff's Bike and Ski is ready to help you make informed choices and decisions about your next bike or bike accessory purchase.  


Coming in every color, size, and type imaginable bike shopping can at times feel overwhelming.  Let the staff at Geoff's Bike & Ski work with you in selecting the best bike for you. We will have you out test riding a variety of bikes to help narrow down the differences between sizes, models, and the various component groups available to you.  Once the bike size and style you are looking are determined our staff can answer specific componentry questions as well as help fine tune the fit of the bike to you and your riding style.



Open Road






Fat Bike

Everything but the Bike

Selecting the perfect bike for you is the beginning of your journey as a cyclist.  There are numerous bits, pieces, and parts that can enhance both the quality and the comfort of every ride you go on.  Whether it is accessories like a rack and lights for your daily commute, equipment like a floor pump and cycling shoes, apparel such as cycling shorts or gloves, or new parts to replace those that have worn out over time.  The list of "not the bike" items that can better your ride can get fairly long.  The staff at Geoff's Bike & Ski can walk you through it all and help you determine the best things to get right away and which things you can learn more about and pick up later on down the road.

The accessories wall inside the shop


Lights, locks, bells, racks and panniers along with all the other fun and practical stuff that can make your ride more comfortable.Not to mention really setting your bike apart from all the others.  We carry a large selection of some of the best accessories on the market.

The equipment wall inside the shop


The things you need to ride safely and efficiently.  Helmets, shoes, pumps, sunglasses, and roadside repair kits.  All the little things to keep you rolling in comfort and safety.

the Apparel wall inside of the shop


Go fast we may, look good we must!  No matter your style we have cycling specific clothing to suit your tastes.  Whether it is hi-viz for the road or baggies for the dirt Geoff's Bike and Ski has well designed practical apparel to make your ride safer and more comfortable.

The parts wall inside of the shop


Big or little, they all are needed to make your bike go and fit well. We stock a wide variety of replacement and upgrade parts from all the major brands.