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Looking for that bike to go out for a leisure ride or a fitness oriented ride? A hybrid bicycle is the perfect option.  With a wheel and tire size more akin to a road bike but with a flat handlebar and a more upright riding similar to a mountain bike, hybrids give the rider the comfort aspects of a mountain bike with the efficiency aspects of a road bike. Not to mention hybrids come in a variety of setups to accommodate different riding types.  Whether it be commuting to work, riding a crushed rock trail, or a leisurely ride through the park, hybrids can just about do it all. Here are some of the hybrid bikes that we carry to accommodate for a variety of riding styles.


The perfect bike to tackle your fitness goals is the one that checks all the boxes and gets you off the couch and moving. Fast and smooth? Check. Comfy ride position? Check. Body-Geometry-Tested touchpoints with a performance mindset? Triple-check. If health is wealth, we say these fitness bikes are exactly what the doctor ordered.

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Sirrus X

Sirrus X is your ticket to riding more, and to places you never imagined possible. It’s a comfortable, capable, “let’s do stuff” kind of bike that will inspire you to ride more than you ever have before. With bigger, confidence inspiring tires, a slightly more upright riding position, a super intuitive one-by drivetrain, and plenty of mounts for racks and fenders —it’s more than just a solid partner on pavement.

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The Crossroads is your companion to a better, fitter, and happier you—whether it be along the road or dirt path. It features a comfortable, upright geometry, and reflective elements that increase your visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.

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When you're comfy, you're happy—pretty sure there's a Bhutanese study somewhere to support that. But it follows commonsense, right? And the Roll is all about that. It puts you in a sublime upright position that simply screams "ride however you want," while every part of the bike that touches your body is tailored for superlative comfort. So cheers to spending more time having fun and to less time wishing you were.

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