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Looking for that bike to go out for a leisure ride or a fitness oriented ride? A hybrid bicycle is the perfect option.  With a wheel and tire size more akin to a road bike but with a flat handlebar and a more upright riding similar to a mountain bike, hybrids give the rider the comfort aspects of a mountain bike with the efficiency aspects of a road bike. Not to mention hybrids come in a variety of setups to accommodate different riding types.  Whether it be commuting to work, riding a crushed rock trail, or a leisurely ride through the park, hybrids can just about do it all. Here are some of the hybrid bikes that we carry to accommodate for a variety of riding styles.

Sirrus Men's & Women's

The Specialized Sirrus series is perfect for those weekend fitness rides or even a great commuter to put fenders and a rack on to get you to and from work.

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Crosstrail & Ariel

Looking for a bike to ride on the streets, but still ride on a light singletrack trail? The Crosstrail or Ariel is the bike for you.

Crosstrail Ariel


The Specialized Crossroads is the relaxed fit bike that is perfect for cruising on the bike path and around town.

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Take the Roll on a bike path and enjoy the smooth ride afforded by a lightweight frame and Ground Control Positioning. Feel the confidence a wider, more stable tire provides.

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