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Gravel & CX Bikes

Cyclocross is notorious for being hard on equipment. Mud, rain, snow, crashes—they all take their toll. We carry a wide variety of bikes that can be used for your specific type of CX riding style or gravel crushing. Drop handle bars and wide tire clearance are what set this type of bike apart from your standard road bike.  Any surface, any condition, don't limit when and where you can ride.  Check out a gravel or cyclocross style of bicycle.


The CruX is your key to help you achieve complete control during CX riding.


The bike that can be ridden on all road types. With the Diverge your rides are only limited by your imagination.


Consider the open road a blank sheet primed for a tale of adventure, and the Sequoia, your pen to write it with.


The AWOL is equal parts versatility and durability, all in one perfectly balanced package. Gravel riding, adventure/touring, commuting, the AWOL can do it all.