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Specialized Power Saddle Mimic

Saddle pressure makes riding bikes a real pain—literally. But the all-new Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC technology from Specialized makes numbness and pain disappear with a design that mimics the body’s response to different types of pressure to create equilibrium within soft tissue.

No More Suffering In Silence

Society says it’s an uncomfortable subject, but guess what? Many women experience saddle pain and numbness on their labia when they ride, and it has real consequences. Some women will ride less, some will quit riding altogether, and in extreme cases, some will even seek surgical intervention.

How It Works

How It Works

This is the saddle that puts you first. True to all Specialized Body Geometry products, this saddle has been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to reduce pressure and to provide the structural support needed for blood flow to key areas. The multi-layer cushioning system molded into the saddle, meanwhile, prevents overly high pressure on soft tissue, so you can do longer rides with more comfort.

What Makes Your Body Geometry Saddle?

Support for the Right Position“ height=

Support for the Right Position

When you’re seated in the right position, the miles just fly by. A good position on a correctly-shaped saddle ensures you’ll be sitting on your sit bones, not on your arteries, nerves, and soft tissues.


Widths for Every Body Type

The Specialized Women’s Power Saddle with MIMIC comes in multiple widths to match your anatomy and to ensure total comfort and support. What width is right for you? Stop by and we can measure your sit bones and recommend the correct width.


MIMIC Technology

MIMIC reduces pressure and provides both structural and anatomical support for soft tissue. At the nose, soft foam eliminates pressure. At the rear, firmer foam provides sit bone support. And in the cutout, soft memory foam delivers anatomical support to prevent soft tissue swelling.

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