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Active with Kids

Looking to enjoy cycling as a family?  No reason to leave the little ones at home when you can bring them along.  We carry a variety of ways you can haul the youngster along with you on your next riding adventure.


Fully enclosed and made for 1 or 2 children trailers or "Burleys" as they have been come to be know are one of the best ways to let the youngest family member enjoy bike rides.  With options to convert into strollers, joggers, or even adding skis!  Pull behind trailers from Thule (formerly Chariot) and Burley are terrific additions for the cycling family.


Tag alongs or Trail-a-Bikes are a great next step for young riders.  They can pedal (or not) right along with mom or dad as well as start to learn balance skills.  Perfect for adventuring out on longer rides that children might not be ready to pedal on their own.

Seat on Bike

A basic introductory step to start bringing the kiddo along with you on the bike.  Both front and rear mounted options exist, and little ones can be ready to ride as soon as they are able to sit and hold their heads up.

Cargo Bike

The ultimate in child or gear transport.  Cargo bikes can be set up with child seats, accessory handlebars, and even a pedal assist motor for the heaviest of loads.


A more relaxed style of tag-along, children seat in a seat, requiring less balance, however they still have the option to pedal should they chose to.