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Geoff's Bike & Ski Staff

Our staff is made up of a dedicated group of individuals, all of whom are mechanics as well as sales staff. This combination makes any one of our team more than capable to help you with any of your cycling related needs.  With years and years of experience in bike shops there isn't much we haven't seen or aren't able to fix. 


At Geoff's since: before the beginning

Nickname:  GP, Boss Man

Other interests:

Favorite tool: mini multi tool

Bikes: SWorks Diverge, SWorks Tarmac, SWorks Epic, Crux Pro, Co-Motion Tandem, Fatboy Pro, just to name a few


At Geoff's since: before the beginning

Nickname: Keffin, Daryl

Other interests: going fast and taking chances

Favorite tool: 

Bikes: Standard Green Machine Townie, Specialized CruX single-speed, Specialized SWorks CruX, Specialized Tarmac Pro


At Geoff's since: August 2007

Nickname: Nickski

Other interests: Canoeing, camping, woodworking, and spending time with family, and dog Izzy

Favorite tool: 3 way Y-wrench

Bikes: Specialized Diverge Comp Carbon, Specialized Stumpjumper HT carbon single speed, Niner SIR9+, Surly Troll, Surly Pugsley, Surly Big Dummy, Specialized Crux, Gunnar Roadie, Specialized Crux single speed, Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, Raleigh XXIX, Teasdale 29er, Specialized Tricross Commuter,


At Geoff's since: September 2011


Other interests: Carpentry

Favorite tool: Channel Locks

Bikes: Scott super townie, Specialized CruX Team Edition, Specialized CruX race machine, Specialized Epic Comp Carbon


At Geoff's since: March 2012

Nickname: Oscar

Other interests: Music, Movies, Cooking

Favorite tool: 3-Way Wrench, or Channel Lock Diagonal Cutters.

Bikes: Surly Cross-Check Ultratownie, Gunnar Hyper-XX, Specialized CruX SS, Specialized Stumpjumper Comp Evo, Specialized Crave SS


At Geoff's since: September 2015

Nickname: Cheese, Chazz, Whiskey

Other interests: Lifting weights, cars, sometimes running

Favorite tool: Mini ratchet

Bikes: Specialized Tricross single-speed townie, Specialized Chisel "Custom", Raleigh Furley single-speed townie, Raleigh RX 1.0


At Geoff's since: Spring 2014

Nickname: Big bird

Other interests: Camping, Bike Packing

Favorite tool:

Bikes: Schwinn "tank" townie, Kona Smoke townie (stolen- to be found), Surly Bridge Club, Specialized CruX single-speed, Specialized Sequoia "custom", Specialized Epic Comp Carbon



At Geoff's since: September 2017

Nickname: aTT

Other interests: Rock climbing

Favorite tool:

Bikes: Specialized Hardrock retro townie, Raleigh RX 2.0, Specialized Chisel Expert


At Geoff's since: September 2017

Nickname: Lemur

Other interests: Rad BMX stuff

Favorite tool:

Bikes: Paramount MTB Townie,


At Geoff's since: March 2019

Nickname: Brick

Other interests: UI Cycling Club President

Favorite tool: Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge, the "DAG"

Bikes: Giant TCR, Giant TCX, Giant Talon, Fuji MTB