Mustache March

Our Biggest Sale of the Year!

Shaving the Winter beard to help bring on Spring

An annual tradition since the shop opened, we like to kick off our official start of the riding season (no matter what the weather is actually doing) on March 1 by shaving off all the winter facial hair just leaving behind a mustache (to keep the upper lip warm on spring rides).   Historians, Scientists, and local weathermen  have proven this to be a successful means of telling winter you are over it, and most frequently resulting in melting snow and rising temperatures.

Along with the handsome mustaches you will encounter at the shop we also have our biggest and best bike sale of the year.  Slashing prices on all previous model years to the lowest yet, not to mention we put all of brand new current model year bikes on sale for 1 month only to start the year out.   Anyone purchasing a new bike will also receive an increased discount on all accessories at the time of the bike purchase.