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Corporate Mobile Repair Services

We offer mobile bicycle repair services to your employees. We accommodate to large or small businesses, hotels, banks, and everything in between. Whether your employees are avid cyclists or recreational riders, our services cover it all. Our staff is made up of a dedicated group of individuals, all of whom are mechanics as well as sales staff. This combination makes any one of our team members more than capable to help you with any of your cycling related needs. If you would like to know more information regarding our services, you can call or email us. We are happy to address any other questions that you have.

How Our On-Site Service Works

Our mobile repair van is equipped with everything for our staff to tune up your employees bikes. Employees are responsible bringing their bikes to the business the morning of the scheduled Mobile Repair.

We go through each bike and assess any parts that are needed for additional repairs and contact the employee with a detailed quote. After the tune up and repairs are complete we can call, text, or email the employee to pick up the bike.

Silver Package

Employee direct pay program. No-cost to the employer, Employees pay directly for Mobile Repair Service and any parts required. Group rates are available if 5 employees book service the same day.

Gold Package

Employer subsidized program. A terrific incentive for cycling friendly businesses.  Employer pays for 50% of the tune up ($37.50-$50) employee covers the remainder of the tune up cost along with any additional parts or labor required.

Platinum Package

The Ultimate package for the most bike friendly employers.  The business/employer covers 100% of basic tune up costs and the employee is responsible for anything beyond that, i.e. parts or labor beyond what is covered in a tune up.