Nickname: Nickski

Started at Geoff’s: August 2007

Bikes Owned: Lemond Poprad, Specialized Tricross Expert SS, Specialized Crux Stinky Pink, Teesdale 29er SS, Raleigh XXIX Pro, Surly 1×1 Xtracycle (my mini van), Surly Pugsley, Redline 925, Gunnar Roadie, DiamondBack Dela Cruz townie cruiser, Specialized Stumpjumper Carbon SS, self brazed touring rig, Surly Troll everyday commuter

Favorite Riding : flowy midwest single track

nick sylvan

Why do you ride: It makes me smile and keeps me sane

Fav beverage: Miller High Life- because you must drink it to live it

Other interests: nordic skiing, backpacking, canoeing, playing with my pup