Geoff CyclocrossingI have been an avid cyclist for as long as I can remember.  I consider myself super lucky to be able to say that I truly do love what I do!

Job Description: my name’s on the sign, a lot of stuff.  I do things.

Favorite Riding Spot: I like gravel.  And riding bikes.  Any day on RAGBRAI is a good day.

Hobbies: Riding, skiing, old westerns, and my kids!!  I like to think of myself as a bit of a foodie.

Favorite Tool: Fitzel, its fits everything, and that thingermajig.

Favorite Beverage: Changes seasonally.  Clear in the summer, brown in the winter.


  • Road
    • Specialized Tarmac Black Ops – Di2
    • S-Works Roubaix – SRAM Red
    • CUTTERS S-Works
    • CUTTERS Corncob
  • Mountain
    • S-Works Epic 29
    • Niner Air9 Carbon SS
    • Standard Custom
    • Voodoo Bokor SS
    • ’92 S-Works SS
  • Cyclocross
    • Moots Psychlo X
    • S-Works Tricross w/ fenders
    • Surly CX/LHT Superbike
    • Raleigh SS CX
    • Specialized Tricross SS
    • CUTTER CX (developmental stages)
  • Fatbike
    • Surly CUTTER/Pugsley Ski-Toting bike
  • And lots, lots more.  You can never have too many bikes.

RAGBRAI With The Family