Name: Thomas Behne

Nickname: Tattoo Thomas

Years riding: 10+ combination of BMX and my current interests.

Bikes Owned: Surley Karate Monkey, Redline Conquest Pro, Fuji Roubaix, Hoffman Rhythm, Schwinn El Jefe

Why do you ride?: Fitness, Fun and Friends.

Type of Riding: Cyclocross, Mountain, a little bit of road for run and fitness, and BMX to stay true to my roots.

What motivates you to ride? Staying fit and progressing as an athlete.

Best Ride: Anything on gravel with good friends.

Other Interests: Running, Music, Art, animal rights, and my friends and family.

Started @ Geoffs: April 2010

Favorite Food: Pizza & Indian food.

Favorite Tool: Finish Line 1-step

Favorite Movie: The Burbs’