Andy M


Job Description:  Come in to work on time everyday.

Favorite Riding Spot: Riding the Gaps in the North Georgia mountains.  Riding the roads in Idaho and Colorado pretty darn nice also.

Hobbies: Cycling is an obvious answer.  Any outdoor activity. LEGO. Video gaming.

Favorite Tool: Stihl TS 700 saw followed by the Stihl BR 600

Favorite Beverage: MotleyMule (Summertime @ Motley Cow, Iowa City) & White Russian

At Geoff’s Since: Moustache March of 2011


  • Lemond Victoire
  • Lemond Buenos Aires
  • Trek Fuel 90
  • Specialized Langster
  • Specialized Epic Comp
  • Orbea TLT cyclocross
  • Raleigh Miller High Life SS cyclocross

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