Bike Fitting

Do you want to:

  1. boost your power output by 10%
  2. ride faster, longer, and in greater comfort
  3. greatly reduce your chance of injury

ThenĀ  a fit session with our professionally trained Kevin McConnell might be just the ticket. Kevin has been certified as a fit specialist, having completed the BG Fit curriculum developed by Specialized and the world’s most qualified and experienced bicycle fit specialist, Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center For Sports Medicine. Our fit session consist of a three step process taking 2-3 dedicated hours.

First Kevin will conduct a pre-fit assessment, during which he will discuss your personal cycling goals and history, and will lead you through a series of tests to evaluate your body’s flexibility, and unique structure. Next, he will conduct a riding assessment to analyze your position on the bicycle and pedal stroke in a live and dynamic setting. Kevin will finish with a frontal assessment, during which he will ensure you are seated squarely on the bike to maximize your power output in a comfortable manner. Once you are positioned squarely on the bike, Kevin will be able to check your knee, hip, and foot alignment essential for pedaling with maximum efficiency, minimal pain, and less chance of injury.

A complete fit session will cost $200

You will need:

  1. your regular cycling clothes
  2. a towel
  3. a bottle of water

For further information, contact us at fit (at) geoffsbikeandski (dot) com, or give Kevin a call at 319.338.7202